Dr. Dominique Aimee Jean is a New York City based

Physician Speaker & stylist.

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Dr. Dominique Aimee Jean is a Double Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Professional Speaker and Wardrobe & Personal Stylist. Dr. Jean’s eclectic background has led her to transform her passion project into an official nonprofit charity, the Haute Healing Foundation, where she serves as the President.

Dominique Aimee, in her journey to become a physician, always knew that she would not lead a traditional path into the medical field. Throughout her education and medical career, Dr. Jean strove to add balance to her life and had aspirations seemingly unrelated to the typical path of a doctor.

Her meticulous dedication to creating a balanced and eclectic life led her to a dual career as a Wardrobe & Personal Stylist, with over 5 years of experience, as well as a Pediatric Anesthesiologist, with over a decade of experience. Participating in these two vastly different interests led Dr. Jean to create her own charity. The Haute Healing Foundation’s mission is to give the gift of hope and well being to chronically ill, terminally ill and disadvantaged youth and young adults (including LGBTQIA) with the use of head to toe makeovers, gifted products & photoshoots.

Dr. Dominique Aimee Jean’s new passion is to take over the speaking world in medicine to help medical students and physicians create fulfilling, balanced and dream worthy lives while serving the medical community.


Dominique Aimee transforms you into your best, most unique, self.