School of Style Alumni Spotlight

"We recently caught up with one of our recent School of Style graduates, Dominique Aimee. Since graduating from School of Style, she has been busy assisting huge stylists and even being the key stylist on some editorial work.

We love her story because it just goes to show how far hard work and dedication can take you in this business. Dominique graduated just under a year ago and has already made a name for herself. We can’t wait to see what future endeavors she will dominate. Way to go Dominique, keep up the hard work!"

Testimonial 1

Pouneh T.

Marina Del Ray, CA

In the last few years I found myself staring at my closet for hours trying to figure out what to wear. I always chose the same look over and over because I couldn't find anything in there that I liked. I finally decided that I needed professional help.

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That's where Dominique stepped in. She was very professional and scientific about the entire experience. She had me fill out a questionnaire and tell her who my style icons were. I told her I needed date clothes and I was going for "sexy chic." She made a fantastic mood board for me and came over for a closet cleanse. I had no idea what that entailed until I did it. I tried EVERY piece of clothing that I owned and she evaluated everything. I realized I was holding onto my past. Clothes from 20 years ago. This was exhausting and mildly traumatic. It was like watching parts of my life go by. I cannot believe how much stuff she got rid of. As terrifying as this sounds, the clothes left in my closet made sense. She showed me how to mix and match items I already owned and never thought would pair together. Then we went over my measurements and went over a checklist to see what basics I needed to make my closet complete. I had her go shop for me. When she returned with new clothes it was amazing. She was conscious about price and I came out with an incredible number of high quality items. Dominique is not just a stylist but a life coach/miracle worker. The experience is like therapy. My new looks boosted my confidence especially on dates! Her prices very reasonable and it's actually fun working with her. I cannot thank her enough.

SodaPop Magazine

Milla G.

Highland Park, CA

I've gotten tons of compliments on all the new clothes. I've been singing your praises.

Composure Magazine

Tracy J.

Los Angeles, CA

Dominique was a Godsend for me because I have not legitimately made any efforts towards my wardrobe since my early 20s.

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The session was both informative and fun! I had no idea that I was missing the basics. Also, I was very unaware of the fashion mistakes I was making. Dominique's assessment skills are right on par with what I needed to revamp my hot mess closet. I'm looking forward to the year to come and getting out there and dating with a wardrobe that matches my personality and age! Thanks Dom!

Composure Magazine

Laju O.

Los Angeles, CA

My favorite part of the cleanse, which I was not really expecting, was all the coaching I received on how to move forward.

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In the beginning Dominique was critiquing my wardrobe, but by the end I was able to jump in myself and determine what needed to go. Dominique also gave me an incredible number of tips on how to combine pieces I already own for amazing new outfits. And when it comes time to do more shopping, she also made sure I have a bunch of great ideas on what will compliment the wardrobe that I already have in place. Thanks again Dominique!