There is no Pretty in Mediocrity

IMG_0017_1 The above title may seem harsh, but when it comes to your personal style, beauty and home; it is simply the truth.  Have you ever had one of those days when you looked in your closet and thought, "I hate everything in here."?  Or have you entered your home and thought "this is not who I am."?  This happened to me in the new year, and it's for one reason...lack of patience.  When you do not take the time to research what you really want, you end up settling for whatever is the most available and the cheapest.  If you don't love every single item in your wardrobe, why did you buy it in the first place?  Chances are that you were not patient enough to try it on at the store (my number one problem); or what you really wanted seemed to expensive (though owning a bunch of clothes that you don't like and subsequently don't wear is also very pricey); or you were too lazy to take something to be altered; or you simply chose convenience over substance.  These are all bad habits that will hold you back from cultivating a personal style that is truly reflective of who you are.  Every blouse, shoe, purse, pajama, chair, painting and serving tray in your home should represent your aesthetic and taste.  You should have a sense of relief when you enter your home and walk into your closet.  I have personally made a resolution to rid myself of these bad style habits.  I will no longer buy anything that I don't absolutely love.  I will go to flee markets to find treasures that capture my love of sophisticated antiques.  I will Pinterest DIY projects to make my home unique and functional.  I will no longer buy something just because it's on sale or I have a 20% coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond.  This epiphany came to me this morning as I meditated on my fabulous skull yoga mat equipped with a hot pink mat holder. Hey, you have to start somewhere :-) xoxo

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