"Nude. Like on me."

This is a pet peeve of mine.  Every time I try to buy something in nude (shoes, dresses, undergarments, stockings etc), the sales person inevitably comes back with an item that clearly isn't nude.  I usually have to utter the words "Nude. Like on me."  The sales people always look confused, as if the word nude and white skin are synonymous.  As if it is an odd request to want something that resembles my skin color.  I love how I constantly see celebrities, bloggers and fashion people go on and on about having a “great nude pump” as a wardrobe staple.  If you are a dark skin woman, the quest to find the great nude pump will still elude you.  Unfortunately, I usually have to ask salespeople for a brown shoe, and of course it doesn't come close to matching me.

 For clarification, here is one of the definitions of nude according to Webster’s Dictionary; "having a color (as pale beige or tan) that matches the wearer's skin tones <nudepantyhose> <nude lipstick> ."  So if the dictionary classifies nude as having skin that is pale beige or tan, what does that make my skin?  I might break the internet here, but brown and black skinned people also have skin, but apparently "nude" doesn't apply to us.Have companies started to make items that are "nude" on everybody?


 Yes!  Christian Louboutin has his famous "Nudes Collection" featuring ten different nude shades!  I was elated.  Except those came out in Fall 2015 and good luck finding them after that.  If someone can figure out how to order a pair on the CL website, please let me know.  I guess if you are dark skinned, you only get offered your kind of nudes once in a while.  I missed my opportunity.

bra 2

 Well, there is a lingerie company that caters to having #NudesForAll. Nubian Skin makes a variety of undergarments that will actually be nude on darker skinned women!  Unfortunately for me, they don't come in larger bra sizes; but that just means I need to eat better and exercise more ;-)


I am also happy that my styling kit has a new addition! Frangi Pangi is nude hosiery company, "designed for every woman of colour, by a woman of colour."  Yes, you read that correctly!  Every woman of color deserves to have hosiery that matches their skin tone.  I never really wore hosiery, because it simply wasn't an option to walk around looking like I have legs 5 shades lighter than the rest of my body.  Problem solved.  

kit pic

A few companies are trying to make #NudesForAll a reality, and it is much appreciated.  The real issue is that the mainstream needs to acknowledge that everyone has skin and white/light skin isn't the only one that matters.  What are your thoughts?