It's Great to be a Woman!

It's Great to be a Woman!.



Of course it is! Particularly in today’s fashion trends, femininity is being embraced to the fullest. Florals are everywhere, soft, sheer fabrics dominate the runways and lace is a go-to fabric. This super feminine fashion trends are actually empowering. Gone are the days that women have to downplay feminine aspects of their wardrobe in order to be taken seriously in a male dominated workplace. It is a great time for women to show off their bodies in a way that is not considered in poor taste. This ultra feminine trend is empowering and more importantly, fun! This trend can be found around the world, as it celebrates the feminine form. It is important to note that femininity is linked to strength in character. Don’t let the florals fool you.

Written by: Dominique Aimee Wardrobe Stylist