Cuff It Out


Ailment:   I need something new and exciting in my accessories wardrobe. I've done the statement necklace, midi rings, bold earrings and even layered necklaces. I love them but a need to incorporate something else. What can I add?


Script for Style: I hear you! Even though there are a ton of great accessories but sometimes you need something trendy to breathe fresh air into your accessory closet. Try my latest obsession. The ear cuff. It is starting to show up everywhere and no doubt, it is an attention getter. Every time I wear one, I get compliments and it brings something special to my overall look. There are more conservative ones and more ornate ones. You can find high end cuffs like ones from Jennifer Fisher to the ones that I have from Topshop and Urban Outfitters. If you have multiple ear piercings and they feel lonely, add a small studs. Try this look out and make your other accessories jealous!