Sloppy to Sleek in 3 Steps


Question: How can a regular girl (aka not of model proportions) make an otherwise casual and comfortable outfit look chic with minimal effort?

 #ScriptForStyle: While a lot of clothes look great on models (essentially a beautiful hanger if you will), it is importanat for each person to know what will look good on them.  The goal is to go from Sloppy to Sleek in 3 steps flat.

 1) Know which colors work best for your skin tone.  When people compliment you on your look, what colors are you usually wearing?  Sometimes it's a classic white or black, but don't hesitate to look outside your color comfort zone. (Spring Summer 2015 - Whistles)

2) The quality of the fabrics you wear has the potential to upgrade shabby chic to just plain chic. A casual look can very easily look runway worthy if the material is great.  Or add a great accessory or statement bag to elevate the whole look. (S/S 2015 - Tod's)

3) Accentuate the positive and downplay the negative.  Fabulous style is sometimes more about smoke and mirrors than it is the actual clothes you wear.  For example, if you have a straight up and down figure, the illlusion of a waist can turn a run of the mill look into a winner.  If your arms aren't your best feature, camouflage them and shift the focus elsewhere. (S/S 2015 - Marissa Webb)

Although there are 3 steps, it doesn't mean that they're easy.  Sometimes it takes an objective eye to get you out of a style rut.  Open yourself to the possibility that a fresh look at your style can change the way you feel. Personal stylists make it easy ;-)