How to Slim a Cankle in 5 Steps


Question: How do I slim my cankles?

Script For Style: A cankle is an unusually thick or stout ankle.  Assuming that you do not have a medical condition causing this (always check with your primary medical physician); there are some styling tricks that can be employed to give the illusion of a slimmer ankle.  Here they are in 5 steps.

 1) If the shoe doesn't fit, don't force it.  Some people just have wider feet or ankles.  Just like with clothing; do not attempt to squeeze into anything that is too tight.  It will give you the muffin top effect on your foot.

2) Avoid thinly strapped shoes and instead opt for wider straps or a T-strap. A flesh/nude toned strap can be your friend in a well fitting shoe.  If you are petite or have heavy set legs, you may wish to avoid an ankle strap all together as it can shorten the leg (making the cankle worse).

3) Avoid super thin stilettos and opt for reasonably stacked heels or wedges. A super skinny heel + cankle = circus act.

4) Heels are better than flats.  That is not to say that you can never where flats when you have cankles, but your ankles will always appear slimmer in heels (3" and above).  If you are wearing athletic shoes (with shorts and bare legs), pair them with darker socks.  Or wear boots that can hide a cankle all togther!

 5) Brings some color to your feet.  Pure white shoes or sneakers can make your feet and ankles appear wider than necessary.