Top 5 Tips: How to wash a Swimsuit

So, we are in the middle of summer and since we all have worked hard for bikini and speedo worthy bodies (right?...right?); its seems logical that we know how to care for our bathing suits  ;-).

Here are my 5 top tips!  And check out this fabulous swimwear designer: ANDREA IYAMAH Swimwear.swimwear

1). Under no circumstances are you to put your bathing suit in the washing machine!

 It seems like putting swimwear in the washing machine on a gentle/delicate cycle would suffice; but I am here to tell you that the washing machine is simply too harsh for swimwear.  Not only will the spandex start to give out, but so will the color.  Therefore, hand wash only!

2). Don't wait!  

As soon as you are finished swimming, take off that bathing suit and hand wash it! Leaving a fabulous bikini in chlorine soaked water will only damage said fabulous bikini.  Same goes for swimwear covered in salt water, sweat, sand and sunscreen (and G-d forbid, oil from sunbathing).

3). Mild hand soap is all you need.

Yup, save your detergent for regular clothes.  Even gentle detergents will fade colors from the delicate spandex of your swimsuit.

4). Avoid wringing, dryers and drying in direct sunlight.

Wringing stretches out the spandex.  Bathing suits should not be baggy! Of course, if the washing machine was too harsh for your swimsuit, the same can be said for dryers.  Drying in direct sunlight will fade vibrant colors.  An absolute no no!

5).  You should own at least 2 swimsuits.

Many of you know that I believe in small, well curated wardrobes with minimal redundancy.  That being said; if your wear the same swimsuit two days in a row, it will stretch out the fabric.  Every other day (or longer ) is ideal to keep beautiful beachwear intact!

Let me know if these tips are helpful and feel free to comment on suggestions for future blog posts!