#JetSetAimee - Tips for Travel




I know it's been a while since my last Blog post, but get excited because within the next couple of months, new and exciting things are happening on my blog (ScriptForStyle), including videos and an upgraded website for Personal Styling & Virtual Styling.

Over the last several months, I have been quite the jet setter (thus the hashtag).  Most of my flights have been domestic, but I have figured out what I need for smooth traveling and I wanted to share my tips and secrets with my followers!

I can be a touch bougie, so even though I don't fly first class (not yet at least ;-), I definitely want to feel fabulous when I travel.  I want to feel like I'm flying back when airlines cared about people (minus the segregation, smoking and sexual harassment of flight attendants).  Here is what I do to keep my travels hassle free.

Tip #1: Quality Luggage


Great luggage pieces are an investment.  I happened to get this great suitcase and carryon from Hartmann at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. I bought these pieces during a post Thanksgiving Sale (not Black Friday, for political and safety reasons) and although they were pricey, I can see myself with these pieces for life.  This luggage set is chic and eye catching.  Every time I fly, someone compliments me on them! They are easy to find when I am in baggage claim and I even added luggage tags from Flight 001.  Make sure to get luggage with the fancy wheels that seamlessly change directions. Don't struggle if you don't have to. Oh, and make sure you can get a great warranty.  Hartmann gave me a lifetime warranty and I just had my large suitcase's interior relined after I tore it.  They also replaced a zipper that TSA broke.  

Tip #2: Carry On and Be Stylish


On a recent trip to San Francisco (ummm, why was I completely unaware that it would be freezing in the middle of June...I damn near needed a winter coat).  I knew I was in great need of a card holder.  While strolling the streets with my friend and I wandered into the Christian Louboutin store.  I own one pair of CL shoes because my pinky toe gets deprived of circulation (despite shoe stretching) so I was browsing accessories.  We spotted a unique wallet and card holder set, they served champagne, and yada yada yada; I have a new wallet set I love (on sale).  I know it will last forever and I will use it until my dying breath (if you pay good money for something, make it last). Everyone knows I love a pop of red to brighten my day! 

card holder

Tip #3:  Impress the Flight Attendants


My Pan Am carry on personal bag always gets attention.  Remember when there was a show about Pan Am flight attendants starring Margo Robbie?  I was in fashion school then (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandizing) and they were selling bags at the book store.  The bag is an exact replica of the bags they had back in the day.  I have used it for years and since it's so beat up, it actually looks vintage.  Great way for airline people to notice you (yes, I can get extra pretzels) and a conversation starter.  

Tip #4: Bring The Essentials


At the moment, I fly coach (but I see business class in my future), so I bring things so I can feel #upgraded. I bought a super soft and long blanket from XpresSpa as well as a neck pillow.  I used to bring a Snuggie, but with all the traveling, I wore that sucker out.  This is a must unless you want to be charged for a small, used blanket that you have to return (I see you Delta).

If you have my luck, you will be seated near a family of 6, so don’t forget your earplugs!  I always bring a day planner and a magazine in case boredom ensues and I don't feel like doing work on my laptop. Make sure to bring some options to keep yourself entertained.  I bought these cute playing cards with the intention of learning to play Solitaire.  At this point, I only know I Declare War.  #Goals 

Tip #5: Pack Wisely


Great luggage and carry ons are all well and good, but if you are not an effective packer, your life as a traveler will be rough.  First thing is to get yourself a Luggage Scale.  You should never be surprised when they weigh your bags at the airport.  It is painful to hand over your credit card for an extra $50+ .  I am also a firm believer in a #CuratedWardobe which will make packing a much easier activity.   

If I'm not carrying a purse, I use my Fenty By Rihanna Bow Fanny pack.  It is sooooo extra and I’m not mad at it.

Give yourself some time because packing for a big trip can feel overwhelming.  It's not unusual for a personal client or virtual client to ask me for advice!

Hope these 5 Tips will help all of you on your future travels! Please feel free to visit my website! I would love to read your questions and comments below! Until next time xoxo.  Dominique Aimee