The Bold Type: Adventures in Makeup


I have had a very interesting summer. I went to a business conference, hired a business coach and I've been reading new books and listening to an endless number of podcasts.  I feel an awakening as far as my styling business and career are concerned.  Yet, I have feelings of anxiety and a touch of intimidation when I think of my future.  I think I need to be bolder and more fearless, but it's hard to know where to start.  I bought a couple of new outfits (and they are bold), but the looks were missing something.  I was recently doing a pull for a styling client, and the owner of the fashion PR firm was wearing a gorgeous matte red. For me, a bold red lip was always just too much (my go to has always been a subtle pink or a deep maroon lip color, usually a gloss from Laura Mercier); but I had a revelation. If I can't be bold with my lip color, how can I make bold steps in the really important parts of my life?  So, I went to a beauty counter and asked for a big bold red (with blue undertones) with a super matte finish.  No joke, I was sweating bullets trying different colors (because now people can REALLY see me).  I finally purchased Laura Mercier's Velour Lovers Mon Cherilipstick and Grenadine lip liner.  


In my boldness, I wore this bright red lipstick everyday for the two weeks.  Whole Foods - bright red lips.  Coffee Shop - bright red lips, Hospital - bright red lips (for those who know me, I work as a pediatric anesthesiologist, a side gig to my styling business ;-).  I even had several phone meetings with my business coach and styling clients; and yes, I wore my bright red lipstick (and these were not Skype meetings).


4:30 am selfie at the airport.

The overall effect? I feel more confident. The bold lip color invites attention, and I liked it. I felt like I commanded attention in the right way.  Of course, this can be achieved with strategic wardrobe choices, but there was a different feel to the confidence I felt with the bold lip.  Will I wear red lips forever? Not everyday, but it will definitely be in my regular arsenal of slayage. I love makeup, but I like to keep my routine pretty simple (3 minutes or less).  My go to for the last two weeks has been a bold brow (courtesy of Boy Brow by Glossier), mascara (I actually use Boy Brow on my lashes as well), and my new bold red lip. I recently found a great guide on upgrading your brows from Jen Reviews (which is the perfect compliment to a red lip). This will help the ladies with fair skin and hair. Check it out and tag me on Instagram for the results!

What are your instant confidence boosters? I have a feeling a red lip is just the start of new and bold adventures.  Stay tuned. Oh, and feel free to comment on your go to right red lipsticks.  xoxo  Dominique Aimee