POWER Piece: Change your week, change your life.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

--Edith Head


Ladies, don’t we all find ourselves staring at the ceiling for a good 2 minutes on a Sunday night and thinking to ourselves… I do NOT want to go to work tomorrow! 

For most business women, Monday is the day that ruins your weekend routine of trying to do absolutely nothing but relax and catch up on your favorite shows (or watch the Oscars like I did last night). Let’s forever eliminate Sad Sundays and Manic Mondays. You do not have to dread Mondays anymore. After reading this, you will look forward to selecting your outfit for Monday.

I have a little secret to share with you… I LOVE MONDAYS. I know, I know, you are probably thinking to yourself “what planet is she from?”, but hear me out…

Monday is the day to shine! On Monday, I SLAY!!! Every business woman needs a couple of statement pieces to make her outfit POP! I use Monday as the debut day for my “Power” piece.  POWER pieces are different that the average “statement” pieces.  How so?  Statement pieces are items in your closet that catch other people’s eye and stand out against the other items that you are wearing.  POWER pieces are items in your closet that make you feel and act like a boss.  They exude the best parts of your personality, bring confidence and manifest in you being on top of your game.  Can statement pieces be the same as Power pieces?  They can be, but not necessarily so.  Just because something stands out to others, does not necessarily make you feel, act and become the ultimate boss lady that you are.  A POWER piece can also be a shoe or other accessory.  No limits! 


Just last Monday, I wore a red Vassal sweater, black paperbag pants from Phillip Lim, bejeweled Prada platforms and a grey Karl Lagerfield peacoat. Any single item could work as my POWER piece, though probably the shoes or the coat would be considered a “statement” piece.  See the difference?  For me, my power piece is actually my hat.  It’s a black moldable hat that I picked up at Opening Ceremony by Kelsey Fairhurst (made in the United States, Brooklyn to be specific). The way I molded my hat gave me chic head wrap vibes (you know I love head wraps and turbans… see my YouTube video).  When I wear this piece, I feel put together, unique, and in charge.  THIS is how you start a Monday.  I tend to create outfits around my POWER piece, though that is not a hard rule. I always get complimented (which never hurts) and I felt eager to start my day off with a meeting.

The piece seriously spoke for itself. The whole day during meetings and conference calls, I’m thinking to myself, “This hat is seriously helping me bring my A-game.”  Simply put, this piece gave me a boost of confidence because it felt like who I am aspiring to be.  Your personal style can change the way you see yourself, how you think of yourself and who you are.  “I think therefore I am.” - Rene Descartes.

Consider Monday to be the day that sets the tone for the rest of your week - in a  good way.  Take the time to find your POWER piece and take it from there.  The results are immediate and profound.  Imagine being in a totally different headspace due to a change in your wardrobe.  Sad Sundays can turn into Sunday Fundays with a shift in your aesthetic.  

Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t know where to start with creating a Monday look that takes you to the next level.  It’s okay to get some help with this! You have enough on your plate! Send me a message and we can figure this out together!  What are your go to POWER pieces?  I would love to hear so leave me a comment!!!

Outfit in review

Outfit in review

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